A new VP with a mandate

A Case Study

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The Issue

Cheryl was a new VP that was brought on board with the mandate to grow a struggling multi-national Quick Service Restaurant franchise chain by 20% within 2 years.

Original Strategy

Cheryl was determined to reach her 20% growth goal and began to immediately analyze mountains of data to understand where the problems were with the company and why. She found out from her research that the biggest variable affecting profits and business growth was actually the people, specifically on the manager level. She started building new processes, implemented new policies and worked with Human Resources tirelessly to gain results, however 8 months in, she had only reached 7% of her 25% goal. She had done everything in her power to drive positive results but was still coming up short.

A new approach with Career Spark

Frustrated and out of solutions, Cheryl reached out to Career Spark to see if we could help her. We worked closely with her and her team to quickly profile her top-performing managers to build a success profile to understand what was truly driving their success at work. From the finished Career Spark Success Profile Cheryl gained the invaluable and clear insight into the hidden and unique success factors of her top-performing managers that she could have never have discovered from looking at her data alone.

She then used these insights and the success profile to discover other employees in the company who matched the success profile who she could promote and train as managers. She also transformed the company’s hiring process but ensuring that the HR department only recruited and selected candidates that matched the required traits and Spark Score in the Success Profile.

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Before Career Spark
After Career Spark



A new approach with Career Spark

Efficiency: Increased internal mobility opportunities for employees within the company by +45%. Enabling her to hire and promote internal employees instead of externally.

Performance: Reported a 32% increase in high performance in year one of current employees.

Growth: Achieved and exceeded her growth goal at 25% after only 1.5 years of working with Career Spark.

HR doesn't have to suck.