An oil and gas company

A Case Study

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The Issue

An oil and gas company was finding it hard to recruit new Account Managers with specific industry experience.

Original Strategy

They were filling the “hard to find” Account Manager roles by promoting some of their good field technicians internally and them training them to be Account Managers. Throughout this process they realized that being a good field technician did not necessarily mean being a good fit as an Account Manager. No matter how much experience each field technician had in the industry or how much training the company provided, still over 70% of their Account Managers were under-performing. They needed a solution and fast.

A new approach with Career Spark

Career Spark worked with the oil and gas company to build custom success profiles from the Account Managers who were performing well for their company. They then used the new Account Manager custom success profile and the insights from the Spark Score to make all of their hiring and career pathing decisions going forward. They hired people from both outside the industry and internally that matched most closely to the success profile and when looking at internal movement, they favored people who could be trained, over having past experience.

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Before & After Performance Results

In just 90 days the percentage of high performing employees jumped 
from 28% – 42%.

Good - Great

Before Career Spark
After Career Spark

Poor - Fair


HR doesn't have to suck.